Characteristics of Struggling Readers

(Even Honor Roll Students)

RST is not teaching someone how to read; rather, it is strengthening weak reading skills that hinder reading comprehension and limit a student’s ability to be successful in school, career, and life.

Read very little
Say they hate to read
Make poor grades
Frequently do not finish classwork/homework or tests
Make good grades but take a long time to do homework
Need help with school work
Do poorly on tests
May skip or guess at unknown words
Are stressed at school Are humiliated
May act out at school Are frustrated
May be “sick” and miss school frequently
May appear mentally “slow”
Make good grades but stress over tests
Are likely auditory learners
Show physical signs of stress when reading (i.e., heavy breathing, sighing, moving body)
May become tearful
Read or write words and/or numbers backwards or in a scrambled fashion
Stumble on easy words when reading
Try to read to fast, ignoring punctuation
Rush past punctuation
Breathe often within a sentence
Read without expression
Read choppy
Stumble on easy words and restart often
May often not turn in school assignments
Sometimes give up